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Articles: Mia and Peppermint Patty

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Mia Walker. What a smile! No wonder her grandmother is so very proud of her.

Yay! We Won!

Mia Walker has shown her TWH since the age of 18 months, in the Pony Express Horse Show Circuit Lead Line class. She started out in a tiny western saddle, then progressed to English Saddleseat. After climbing on and finding her seat on her grandmother's side saddle, Mia proclaimed that it fit her just right and she would be showing her next season using the sidesaddle. Grandma's saddle was custom made to a petite rider so the sidesaddle and Mia were an instant fit. Mia would practice on her rocking horse riding aside. As she rocked and rolled across the floor she improved her aside seat.

Mia and Peppermint Patty have been a team since Mia began riding. They have shown Lead Line for 3 show seasons and have participated in the Kansas and Iowa Equine Expos.

Mia finds the idea of "showing with the big horses" in the expos to be just her cup of tea. It is going to be hard to keep her in Lead Line this season as she is determined to go solo now.

Regardless of the heat during the show season she has no problem dressing up in her Vintage outfit to show sidesaddle. Ask her today what her favorite way to ride is, she will promptly answer sidesaddle. She finds it odd that all girls do not ride this way. Once a judge in a class asked Mia what are you riding? Mia looked surprised and said "Sidesaddle!" (like, doesn't everyone know that?)

Mia's mother and grandmother both show sidesaddle classes and ride aside in their circuit's Vintage Costume class. Obviously she comes by her love of Aside naturally.

At the age of 3 she was showing how it was done and encouraged women of all ages to look more closely at the Aside discipline. Many times after a class someone would decide that if a child could do this then why not me.

Mia is now 4 years old and will once again be riding Aside in her 2008 show season.

Mia is now a Junior Member of ISSO and understands even at this tender age that she is doing something special and belongs to a special group of riders. Thank you ISSO for your support and encouragement of all Aside riders.

Jane Hylton

a.k.a. Mia's Grandmother

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