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ISSO offers clinics, year-end awards (including youth and non-competitive activity awards), online forums, Aside World quarterly magazine, to help you stay current with side saddle news, upcoming events, and informative articles. Members are eligible to participate in the Miles Aside trail mileage program, and information on show regulations.

Our members ride all disciplines from Grand Prix dressage to recreational trail rides. ISSO also operates The Side Saddlery, a shop devoted to filling all your side saddle needs - even that elusive perfect saddle! The Side Saddlery offers occasional special discounts and sales exclusively to members.

As a NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3) organization, ISSO’s mission is to educate about side saddle riding. Our audience includes riders, breed organizations, youth groups, authors, historians, and people from all walks of life. Your membership directly connects you with other aside riders, while helping ISSO spread the joy of sidesaddle. Members have a say in the running of the organization through voting rights and participation in the Annual Gathering. (Memberships expire December 31. New members joining after October 1 are automatically extended through the end of the following year.)

Best of all, our members have found many new friends with a common interest. Your membership dollars, like your donations, allow ISSO to continue providing quality educational materials about riding aside through Aside World, expos, this website, and other venues. YOU help us fill the void!

Membership Level Description Annual Cost
Adult Membership Regular membership, benefits as described above $35 USD
Junior Membership 18 and under, non-voting, other benefits as described above $25 USD
Awards Program Compete for year-end awards and recognition (1 rider, 1 horse) $25 USD
Additional Horse Register additional horse per rider in the Awards Program. (Per horse) $10 USD
Mileage Program Annual registration for cumulative ridden mileage recognition program $10 USD
Instructor Certlflcation Renewal Renews an Instructor Certificate for one year $25 USD
Donation Helps ISSO continue its educational programs, such as this website.  

This On-Line Form provides you with a single location where you may:

  • Apply for or Renew a Membership
  • Register for the Awards Program
  • Add Equines to the Awards Program
  • Register for the Miles Aside trail mileage program
  • Renew Instructor Certification
  • Make a Donation to ISSO

* = required fields. In case of error, please use the Back button to complete all required fields.

After you click to Submit your application, you will be taken to a page with a link to PayPal where you may send the appropriate funds. (Note that this form does NOT calculate your total due.) Or, you may print and mail the Membership Application with a check or money order in USD.

*Billing Name (Full Name):
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  • Registration Name: First: Last:
    Middle Initial:

    Street Address:
    Farm Name/Apt./Suite No.:

    City: State or Province:
    Postal Code: Country:

    Primary Phone Number: Secondary Phone Number:
    Primary E-Mail Address (if different from Billing E-mail):
    Secondary E-Mail Address:


    Check All that Apply. You will have an opportunity in the shopping cart to supply additional details, if necessary.

    Type Cost Type Cost
    Adult Membership (over 18) $ 35 USD Junior Membership (under 18) $ 25 USD
    Awards Program Fee
    (includes one equine)
    $ 20 USD Additional Equine(s)
    (See information below)
    $10 USD each
    Miles Aside Mileage Program $ 10 USD Renew Instructor Certification $ 25 USD
    Donation ($10 or $25.)
    For different amounts, please use the Donate button at the top of this page after processing this form.

    If registering for Awards, please provide information about the horse(s) you ride aside. If your horse is not breed registered, just enter N/A under Registration Number.
    Register to earn points! There are additional requirements you will need to supply in hard copy to the Points Secretary.

    Horse Name Breed Registration Number
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    Enter Code:
    Submit to ISSO Reset Form and Start Over

    The payment page displays after you click Submit. Or print and mail the Membership Application.

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